Conversations about Climate: How Change Management Can Bridge the Divide

Social media, newspapers, news feeds, television — anywhere you look, you’ll find something about climate change and the devastating effects it is having around the world. Close to home, shifting weather patterns — record-breaking floods in Ontario, tornadoes in the mid-western U.S., droughts and devastating wild fires along the west coast of the U.S. and Canada — have created a stark reality. And yet, the debate about whether global warming and climate change are real continues. For someone like me, who looks to science to guide my thinking, it’s hard to understand how there can be any debate.

Do We Really Resist Change?

The idea that people resist change has become so embedded in the way people talk about change that it is often the first thing leaders think and talk about when an employee doesn’t immediately accept or embrace a change they want to implement.

It’s Not Resistance, I Promise

It is possible to break the cycle and prevent resistance to change. The first step is recognizing if you are working with a resistant mindset.
Two airplanes passing each other in the blue sky. Leaving trails of exhaust behind them.

Change Isn’t Supposed to Be Tidy

In the real world of organizational change, even a well-planned change is uncomfortable;  both for the people doing the heavy lifting, and for the leaders, as they help their team navigate the discomfort. The change can feel chaotic and messy.