The Value of Personal Change Readiness

This week, I am republishing a post I wrote about my mother’s incredible strength and change readiness.My mom celebrated her 83rd birthday this year. And we had planned to celebrate together, with her coming to the west coast. But like so many things over the past two years, our plans changed, and it was a virtual celebration.

What a Smoker Taught Me About Collateral Change

Collateral change is the ability to achieve other strategic or desired new behaviours without consciously adding new change initiatives or projects.

Want to Enable Change Easier? Shift Your Mindset

To reduce the discomfort of change and make it easier for your employees and your organization to adopt new activities, you need to shift your mindset.

What To Do When Current Habits Prevent New Opportunities for Your Organization

How many behaviours that we label as a bad habits were initially simply a behaviour of opportunity? A circumstance initiated a conscious or unconscious response, which became rooted in our pattern of behaviour.

Why Leaders Need To Adopt A Readiness Mindset™

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with James Grieve and CMC about the Readiness Mindset™.