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How to Maintain Culture in a Virtual Environment

Organizational culture change is a big topic. I usually work with organizations that want to change their culture. Like the professional services company that used a physical move as the catalyst toward a more team-based, collaborative, and cross-functional culture. There is another aspect of culture that doesn’t get much attention—what do you do to maintain culture? That was a question a senior executive in a major law firm asked when we were talking about leading and managing in a virtual environment.

Four Words Every Leader Needs to Know to Lead and Manage Organizational Change

Leading and managing change is not always easy and it can be challenging to know what to do in every situation, even when you have a change management methodology. For several years now I have been a fan of finding and using key words to help keep me focused and guide my thinking.

We’re Proud to Announce our New Partnership

Turner Change Management is proud to announce that we have partnered with Calibrate Legal as their change management service provider.

A Conversation with Entegra Credit Union

Today we are going to share how one company is taking change management from just another item on a to do list to integrating into their leadership practice.
Dr. Carlos Largacha-MartinezTurner Change Management

A Conversation with Dr. Carlos Largacha-Martinez

Join Dr. Turner and Dr. Carlos Largarcha-Martinez as they discuss humanistic management. About Carlos: Carlos Largacha-Martinez is an award-winning consultant by the HBR/McKinsey M-Prize: Leaders Everywhere for the Scottish firm Energeticos-Woodgroup’s business case.

A Conversation with Lynda Harris

Join Dr. Turner and Lynda Harris in this month's Conversation on Change. This month's topic is about plain language. You may be wondering what plain language has to do with organizational change – a lot actually. The ability to tell your story, share information, and exchange ideas so that people understand, don’t mis-interpret and connect is critical to enable change.

The Critical Step Missing from Most Training Programs

You have written the learning objectives, created the content, designed the training materials, and scheduled the training. You’re all set. Nothing is left but to deliver the training. But wait. Have you accounted for the unlearning?

A Conversation with Michael Frisina

Join Dr. Turner and Michael Frisinia in this month's conversation on change as they discuss the role of leadership before, during and after crisis.

How Anxiety Sabotages Training and Inhibits Change

Is training one of the first things you think about when launching a change in your organization? If you said yes, you’re not alone. A training program to effect change intuitively makes sense – teach people how to do the new activity (use the new software, make sales calls etc.) and they will do it. However, training is not enough to ensure your employees will stick with the new activity and make it become the normal activity. Leaders who expect training to carry the people side of any change are often disappointed and frustrated when the training fails to deliver the expected results. In 2015 it was estimated companies in the United States spent $356 billion globally on training and didn’t get a return on that investment.


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