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How Anxiety Sabotages Training and Inhibits Change

Is training one of the first things you think about when launching a change in your organization? If you said yes, you’re not alone. A training program to effect change intuitively makes sense – teach people how to do the new activity (use the new software, make sales calls etc.) and they will do it. However, training is not enough to ensure your employees will stick with the new activity and make it become the normal activity. Leaders who expect training to carry the people side of any change are often disappointed and frustrated when the training fails to deliver the expected results. In 2015 it was estimated companies in the United States spent $356 billion globally on training and didn’t get a return on that investment.


There is no magic bullet when it comes to implementing organizational change. But learning to apply the fundamental elements can greatly increase your odds of achieving successful, sustainable change.

Dawn Marie Turner, President

Change fatigue is a growing and debilitating problem for your organization but, it can be prevented. You need skilled change leaders throughout your organization. Our goal is to help you become a skilled change leader and prevent change fatigue.



By Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner
Is your organization struggling under the weight and expense of what feels like overwhelming but necessary change?
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