Helping companies shift to a Readiness Mindset™ and eliminate resistance to change

Turner Change Management helps frustrated CEOs and senior executives shift to a Readiness Mindset™ so they can eliminate their employees’ resistance to change.

Are you a frustrated CEO or senior executive of a mid-size company who is experiencing multiple, simultaneous changes?

We can help you shift to a Readiness Mindset™, eliminate resistance to change and create employees who are prepared and capable of moving toward something new and different. As a result, you’ll grow a healthier and stronger organization with less effort and stress.

Helping Change Lives for Over 20 Years

We understand that your time is a highly valuable commodity. We also understand the pressure your organization is under to quickly respond to the changes happening in your industry—but without sacrificing its daily operations.

Time and results are valuable to us, too. That’s why we only use evidence-based tools and techniques grounded in science that help individuals and organizations adapt to the changes they need to thrive.

Dawn-Marie Turner has an excellent grasp on change management from an academic and practical perspective. She was very flexible with the delivery of the program.

The Launch Lead Live model will change our organization for the better in the future!

The time flew by. Dr. Turner is an excellent speaker, knows her job, split the day up nicely with activities, stories, and presentation materials. She was one of the best instructors I have had for a very long time.

There’s More Than One Way To Manage Change

 Change Capability Assessment

Discover how to prevent resistance to
change from the
Leadership level

Change Management Bootcamp

For when you need help right away and
your time is limited

Certificate in Change Management

Become the person of authority
on change in your

Reverse The Stats: Make Training In Your Organization Stick

An estimated 356 billion dollars is wasted on training that doesn’t stick.
Let us help you get a ROI on your investment.

Our Process Works

Whether your change has just started, or it’s ongoing, or you’re still in the planning phase.

We can help. Our readiness based approach will leave you and your team ready for any change.

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2. Complete Change Management Assessment

3. Become Change Ready

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