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Help! I am communicating, but my employees aren’t listening: three ways to use email to help your employees buy-in to change.

You've sent a dozen emails about the upcoming change, or at least it feels like a dozen, and your employees act like they don’t know anything about it. You told them, in the email, to contact you if they have questions or concerns and no one did. So, you assume everyone is fine with new chairs, or software, or moving buildings, or whatever your change is. Then you start to implement your change only to be hit with a huge backlash from your employees. You're met with, "Why is this happening?" "I didn't know about this!" "I don't care that I've had to keep a pot on my desk because the roof leaks, I'm not moving."

Change fatigue is a growing and debilitating problem for your organization but, it can be prevented. You need skilled change leaders throughout your organization. Our goal is to help you become a skilled change leader and prevent change fatigue.



By Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner
Is your organization struggling under the weight and expense of what feels like overwhelming but necessary change?
Launch Lead Live helps executives create a healthier, stronger organization because of change, not in spite of it. Let me show you how you can make change your biggest asset.

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