Why Practicing Compassion is Necessary for Successful Organizational Change

I’ve been advocating for leaders to practice empathy and compassion when enabling change, so I was thrilled to hear that he also values the importance of compassion and empathy. Compassion like its cousin empathy is not the skill leaders usually talk about when they talk about their success or building a better company. I have heard many leaders refer to compassion as soft. It is viewed at best as a nice to have. And at worse unnecessary for fear, it will make them look weak.

Using Change Management to Benefit Your Organization

This week for our blog post, I wanted to try something different. I'd like the share with you a video we did on how change management can benefit your employees, leaders, and ultimately your organization.

How to Manage Multiple Changes Without Burnout

Are you struggling under the weight of constant change? Do your employees feel burnout from change fatigue? Stop blaming yourself. Organizational change is challenging under the best of circumstances. Throw in the events of the past year, the pressure to be constantly changing, and the uncertainty of the current environment, it’s not surprising you are struggling.

When Your Change Management Methodology Doesn’t Work

Too often leaders use a change management methodology as a recipe. The tools and templates are used as if they are the ingredients. I recall a course participant whose organization was struggling with change, despite using a change management methodology.