How to Rapidly Transform a Group to a High-Performance Team

Whether a group people working together becomes a team depends on what happens during and after the group is formed.

How to Enable High Priority Changes Without Overwhelming Your Team

I don’t know any organization that has the luxury of shutting down its operation to enable the adoption of new activities. You are constantly navigating the adoption of new actions and behaviours while attending to the needs of running your business. That’s what made this organization’s commitment to change and, ultimately, their results so remarkable

Are You Overlooking Your Long-Term Employees?

A question that I get asked constantly is "why do my long-term employees always push back on change?" It's not that your long-term employees are more resistant to change than your new employees it's that they have already experienced poorly done change in their organization and they're protecting themselves.

3 Truths to Break the Cycle of Toxic Change

I see many leaders struggling with the challenge of needing multiple changes in their organization. Unfortunately, the need to make numerous changes often means leaders barrage their employees with one change initiative after another or simultaneously. You create an endemic of change-fatigued employees who fear change when this happens.

Why Communication Makes or Breaks Your Change Initiative

Communication is the thread that weaves through every aspect of your organization. During change, your communication has the power to elevate and support your change efforts or send it into a downward spiral of negativity and failure.