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Do You Know the Most Difficult Part of Any Change?

Overcoming The Most Difficult Aspect of Change: Letting Go Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner After almost 20 years, I switched from my Blackberry smartphone to an iPhone. I was ready. I knew it would take time to learn the new technology, but I was surprised that letting go of the old phone was so uncomfortable. I shouldn’t […]

The #1 Communication Tool And Most Leaders aren’t Using It

Do you have a smartphone? I do, and every leader I work with does. It has become an essential leadership/management tool. Yet it isn’t the number one communication tool in your leadership toolkit. Its use can even hinder your change efforts. We live in a world of instant communication. There is Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, […]

Getting People Involved–Level: Critical

Involvement is key “How do I involve people in the change?” “The change we’re implementing doesn’t really affect that department, do they need to be involved too?” These are some questions that must be answered when you launch a change. Getting people involved is challenging. It’s easy to think a change won’t affect another area, […]