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How to Manage Multiple Changes Without Burnout

Are you struggling under the weight of constant change? Do your employees feel burnout from change fatigue?

Stop blaming yourself. Organizational change is challenging under the best of circumstances. Throw in the events of the past year, the pressure to be constantly changing, and the uncertainty of the current environment, it’s not surprising you are struggling.

When Your Change Management Methodology Doesn’t Work

Too often leaders use a change management methodology as a recipe. The tools and templates are used as if they are the ingredients. I recall a course participant whose organization was struggling with change, despite using a change management methodology.

When Change Doesn’t Stick

I haven’t always known what I know now about change and change management. Let me tell you about one change I tried to implement for years and failed at getting the new behaviours to stick.

The change was not an organizational change but a personal one. But like I’ve talked about before change management isn’t just for the workplace. This change initiative taught me several valuable lessons that helps guide my practice today and can help you with your organizational change.