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Six actions to reduce or prevent change fatigue

Are your employees too tired to change? Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner Blog post published March 1, 2016 “We need to be constantly changing.” The need to be continuously evolving is a business necessity. The problem is most organizations are simply not set up for continuous change. Continuous change does not mean bombarding your employees with one…

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The good, the bad the ugly. Your employees remember it all

You have heard the statistics, 50-70% of organizational change initiatives fail. Your organization is facing big changes, and you don’t want it to become just another statistic. So, you decide this time it’s going to be different. You send your managers and leaders for change management training, adopt a change management methodology. You think, I’ve done my part. Now things will be different.

You Just Announced A Restructuring Now What?

By: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner We are restructuring. Those three words can stop productivity, raise anxiety, increase stress, and decrease engagement almost as fast as you can say them. Reorganization or restructuring is a business reality. At some point, every organization, regardless of its size, will need to reorganize or restructure. A reorganization is not to […]

Prepare Your Middle Managers to Lead and Manage Change

By: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner Prepared Middle Managers Essential To Prevent “Resistance to Change” It doesn’t seem to matter the type of organization the stories are similar. Managers express feeling uninformed and unprepared for the multiple organizational changes they are expected to lead, manage, or at least support. They describe their executive leaders’ becoming defensive if […]

An Excerpt From “Launch Lead Live”

By: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner Every Organizational Change is Connected When my daughter Amanda was little, one of her favourite books was Laura Numeroff’s story, “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” The story is simple. A little boy gives a mouse a cookie and sets off a chain reaction of unanticipated consequences. After the little […]