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Leadership and Reality TV

One of the shows I used to like on the food network was Restaurant Makeover. The premise of the show was simple. A restaurant owner puts up half of the money to makeover her restaurant. The show puts up the other half of the money.

But there’s a catch. To get the show’s half of the money the owner must give full control to the designer and his crew.

Three Words No Employee Wants to Hear

By: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner We are restructuring. Those three words can stop productivity, raise anxiety, increase stress, and decrease engagement almost as fast as you can say them. Reorganization or restructuring is a business reality. At some point, every organization, regardless of its size, will need to reorganize or restructure. A reorganization is not to […]

Prepare Your Middle Managers to Lead and Manage Change

By: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner Prepared Middle Managers Essential To Prevent “Resistance to Change” It doesn’t seem to matter the type of organization the stories are similar. Managers express feeling uninformed and unprepared for the multiple organizational changes they are expected to lead, manage, or at least support. They describe their executive leaders’ becoming defensive if […]

A Whale of a Change Leader

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner This summer I got an unexpected demonstration of change leadership. While whale watching off the coast of Vancouver Island our whaleboat captain reminded me of three factors necessary for successful change leadership.

New Year, New Change Initiatives

All too often I have watched organization after organization launch a change with great fanfare, only to see a few months later unsatisfied CEOs and employees  with their heels wedged deep into the ground. Change doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, change should be the reason that your organization grows and succeeds.