Q.We’ve already got a vision/mission in our project plan/charter/etc. Can we move straight to the plan?

A.The work of the Intended Outcome on day one of the program ensures that the top level change leaders can lead the change effort to the same place.  It’s not uncommon for a leader to believe that his or her entire team has the same vision of the change, only to find once the discussion starts that while everyone agrees on green, one person sees forest green, another sees olive and yet another pictures grass green.

Additionally, going through the Intended Outcome process helps to confirm participants’ buy in for the change and begins to build the commitment that will be needed to realize sustainable success. Unless the intended outcome is clearly defined and articulated, your ability to make meaningful plans is limited.

Q.Our leadership team is very busy. Does everyone need to be present at these workshops as long as they agree to abide by the group’s decision?

A.We strongly encourage all key players to be present during all three days of workshops. Each day is designed to move your leaders beyond buy-in to commitment. Without commitment your change will not succeed. Any time you appear to gain by leaders not attending is lost when you attempt to implement the change.

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