Module 1 Welcome to the Advanced Certificate in Organizational Change
Unit 1 Welcome!
Module 2 Motivation
Unit 1 Motivation
Unit 2 Webinar Motivation: The energy that drives organizational change
Unit 3 Motivation: An interview with Dr. Kilian Bennebroek Gravenhorst
Module 3 Leading for Healthy Organizational Change
Unit 1 Welcome to Month Two
Unit 2 People Are Emotional: How we feel may shape what we see HBR
Unit 3 People Are Emotional: Blog Post
Unit 4 People are Emotional: Ted Talk
Unit 5 People Are Emotional: How to Manage the Emotional Response to Change in Three Easy Steps (Webinar)
Unit 6 The Emotional Side of Change: A Conversation with Dr. Meltzer
Module 4 Living for Organizational Change
Unit 1 Welcome to Month Three!
Unit 2 Living Change: Change Fatigue Webinar
Unit 3 Preventing Change Fatigue
Unit 4 Holistic Systems Thinking
Unit 5 People Politics and Change: Ted Talk
Unit 6 People Politics and Change