Getting People Involved–Level: Critical

Involvement is key

“How do I involve people in the change?” “The change we’re implementing doesn’t really affect that department, do they need to be involved too?”

These are some questions that must be answered when you launch a change.

Getting people involved is challenging. It’s easy to think a change won’t affect another area, so limiting their involvement will make it easier. Even the smallest change sends ripples passed the department initiating the change.

Knowing how to assess these ripples is key to achieving your goals.

The best way to succeed is to know what areas will be impacted by the ripples.

For the first time, Turner Change Management is offering their Launch Lead Live: The Executive Change Leader Course online. The benefits of the regular course without the need for travel.

In Launch Lead Live: The Executive Change Leader’s Course (Online), an entire class is focused on how to:

  • assess the ripples
  • why a holistic system view of change saves time, money and prevents change fatigue
  • how to use systems thinking to improve your results


Change isn’t going away, but you can make it easier for those involved.

At Launch Lead Live: The Executive Change Leader’s Course Online you will learn:

  • Why involvement is critical to your change initiative’s success
  • How to involve all levels of your organization so that you prevent resistance to change
  • How to include other departments so that your change doesn’t hit unexpected road blocks


Have a question about applying the course material, want to test something out, simply contact us. Upon completion of the course you receive 6 months of support. Dr. Turner will answer your questions, review action plans, and help you apply the course material in your organization.

Space is limited. Launch Lead Live: The Executive Change Leader’s Course (Online)!

Register by April 20th and receive an extra two months of support from Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner on how to apply what you’ve learned to your organizational changes.

Next class begins October 2016

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