What Is An Intended Outcome Story?

The intended outcome is the bottom line of your change. A clear and compelling intended outcome is more than a  high level vision statement.

How A Clearly Defined Intended Outcome Story Benefits Your Change

  • Establishes/affirms a clear direction. Ensures that everyone sees the same shade when they think about “green”.
  • Creates buy-in and begins to build commitment for the change
  • Outlines the full scope of the change and begins your plan
  • Initiates the change process

The Risks of Implementing Change Without a Clearly Defined Intended Outcome

  • Lots of activity with no clear understanding of where it is taking you
  • Resistance to change

What Is A Transition Plan? How Does It Differ From A Project Plan?

  • A transition plan defines the activities required to support people through the transition process.
  • A project plan focuses on the concrete deliverables and milestones. The transition plan helps to guide your process. It specifies both hard activities like training, and soft activities like gaining buy-in.  (Most of the transition happens outside of the scope of the project plan.)

What Is The Value Of A Transition Plan?

  • The transition plan is your road map for navigating through the transition. When it comes to planning for change, how you plan is as important as the plan itself.

Your QuickStart Program Includes…

  • Preparation and tailoring of the three day process with change sponsor
  • Customization of materials for the Intended Outcome and Transition Plan workshops
  • Facilitation of 3 days of working sessions
  • Documentation of your Intended Outcome
  • Documentation of your Transition Plan

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