Your overall readiness score is made up of two critical components:

Placement on the Change Continuum
The change continuum is a series of five phases that every employee must go through before a change is complete. Without going through the phases they will not be able to complete the change successfully. In order to complete each phase successfully, your employees need different information and activities in each phase. Knowing where the critical mass of employees are on the change continuum helps you ensure you are taking the right actions to increase their readiness and move them forward on the continuum.

Rate of adoption
Vital to your organizational change’s health is learning how quickly or slowly key employee groups will adopt the change. This information will help you target your activities more effectively. This knowledge can help you avoid mislabeling late adoption as resistance. Instead of fighting so-called resistance you can focus your energy and resources on increasing readiness.

What to do with the results.

You can use the information gathered through the Level of Readiness Assessment to:

  • identify potential change leaders/champions within the organization
  • plan the implementation of the change more effectively,
  • reduce resistance and speed adoption,
  • increase the effectiveness of training programs,
  • build trust and commitment, and
  • use time, money and resources more effectively.

The Level of Readiness Assessment comprises four main steps:

  1. Clearly defining what readiness looks like for your specific change(s).
  2. Tailoring the Level of Readiness questionnaire to your organization’s change.
  3. Distributing the level-of-readiness questionnaire to selected employees.
  4. Analyzing the data and completing your organizational readiness profile and final report.

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Level of Readiness Assessment
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