The Change Monitor

It’s essential when initiating change in your organization that you know how it will affect your employees. You also need to keep your employees engaged, to work with you in developing solutions.

The Change Monitor ™ does both. The Change Monitor lets you know the impact of your change and teaches you how to keep them engaged.

With the Change Monitor ™ gives you:

  • A clear understanding of the challenges and strengths of the transition—what is working, what could be improved
  • Solutions and action plans based on a deeper understanding of the issues
  • Greater commitment from your employees
  • The opportunity to correct your course and set your change up for success
  • A comprehensive dashboard to assess 16 elements critical for healthy organizational change
  • Insight into how different areas of the organization perceive the change strategy and approach

The Change Monitor ™ stimulates collaboration and commitment

Do you have a change initiative that has stalled? Gotten off track?

The Change Monitor ™ will help.

With the Change Monitor ™ leaders, managers and employees work together to identify the key problem areas.

Then they jointly develop ways to move the change forward.

Everyone contributes to the solution. When everyone contributes everyone wants to see the change succeed.

The Change Monitor ™ is right for your organization if:

  • Your leadership is committed to creating and maintaining an environment that encourages open dialogue about change at all levels of the organization
  • Your leadership is open to new ideas and approaches to enabling change
  • Your leaders are willing and able to invest time now to make better use of time and resources in the long run

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