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Do This If You Want to Know If You’re Getting a Return on Your Change Investment

By: Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner In a previous blog post I said the…
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Do You Know the Most Difficult Part of Any Change?

Overcoming The Most Difficult Aspect of Change: Letting Go Dr.…

Launch Less Change And Get A Higher Return on Your Investment

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner Slow Down to Speed Up Your Pace of Change As…

The #1 Communication Tool And Most Leaders Aren’t Using It

Do you have a smartphone? I do, and every leader I work with…

Three Actions to Stop Rumours from Sabotaging Your Organizational Change Efforts

"How do you stop the rumours and negative chatter about the change?”…
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Six Characteristics of Healthy Organizational Change

Move beyond implementation and enable healthy organizational…
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Three Steps To Get Your Employees Ready For Change

This summer (2011) my daughter graduated from high school. …


The "Law" of Organizational Change

By Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, MEd, CMC Last month our national…

The Fallacy of Resistance to Change

Dawn-Marie Turner, PhD Imagine organizational change where the…