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10 Reasons Organizational Change is Like a Marathon

This Sunday, in Winnipeg, thousands of people will participate in the Manitoba Marathon. Congratulations to everyone who will be running. It takes determination, courage, and commitment to run a marathon. Organizational change can be like running a marathon. 


My top ten reasons why organizational change is like a marathon:

  1. You are doubtful in the beginning, excited at the start line, exhausted in the middle, and really (and I mean really) proud when you cross the finish line.
  2. It can destroy you if you haven’t prepared properly, but when you are prepared it can build your capacity for even greater accomplishments.
  3. It is as much a mental and emotional endeavor as it is physical.
  4. It requires involvement; no one can run the race for someone else and have them receive the benefits.
  5. You need the commitment to persevere. Buy-in isn’t enough to get you through race.
  6. How quickly you recover after the race depends on how well you prepared before the race.
  7. Celebrating your success is part of the process.
  8. You can only complete the race at the speed of your own readiness and ability.
  9. Support and encouragement along the route can make the difference between quitting or completing.
  10. You can only successfully complete one race at a time.


Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

Helping you launch, lead and live change more successfully.
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  1. Juliane Schaible says:

    Spot on. Thank you for sharing those distilled observations. It is helpful when a guide reminds you that you are on the right path even if you can’t see it through the sweat.

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