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Do You Know the Most Difficult Part of Any Change?

Overcoming The Most Difficult Aspect of Change: Letting Go

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

After almost 20 years, I switched from my Blackberry smartphone to an iPhone.

I was ready.

I knew it would take time to learn the new technology, but I was surprised that letting go of the old phone was so uncomfortable. I shouldn’t have been surprised though. Letting go of our current state is one of the most difficult aspects of any change. A lack of leadership through this necessary step is one reason organizational change fails.

The good news is there are things we can do to make letting go easier.
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Less Communication, and More Conversation to Facilitate Organizational Change

Conversation Leads to More Sustainable Change

The evidence is clear. It’s not whether you communicate during change that determines your organization’s success.  It’s how you communicate.

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Executive Change Leader Course

Stop feeling like you’re going into battle every time your organization needs to make a change.

Next Course begins April 24th, 2017

Take your executive leadership to the next level with the Executive Change Leader Course (online).

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