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Six Characteristics of Healthy Organizational Change

Move beyond implementation and enable healthy organizational change

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

When we talk about any organizational change event whether it’s new technology and process, introducing a new product line, or hiring a new team leader, the conversation almost always centres around return on investment and a successful implementation. There is no doubt these are important and necessary, but they don’t tell the whole story. Read More…

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Executive Change Leader Course

Stop feeling like you’re going into battle every time your organization needs to make a change.

Next online course begins October 3rd

Take your executive leadership to the next level with the Executive Change Leader Course (online).

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Three Actions to Build a Solid Foundation for Organizational Change

You would never build a house without clearing the ground and laying a foundation. Yet that is what can happen when you jump right into implementing a change. Implementing an organizational change without ensuring there is a solid foundation first is like trying to build a house from the second story down.  Read More…

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