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Three reasons to stop trying to project manage change

I often hear leaders talk about change management as the people side of project management. This isn’t surprising because for most leaders their first introduction to change management is when launching or implementing a large project.

man with plan project plan j0308929The informal surveys and conversations I have had with leaders, and the research all suggest a project-based approach to change is the most common. But, it isn’t the most effective or efficient way to enable organizational change. Read More…

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Change Management – More Than the People Side of Project Management

“I thought change management was just the people side of project management.”  This was a comment made by a recent participant in my Living and Leading Change Program.  I hear this comment often. It is not surprising because most leaders’ first exposure to change management is during the implementation of a project.

Read More…

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Six Actions to Reduce and Prevent Change Fatigue

by Dawn-Marie Turner, PhD

Are your employees too tired to change? 

“We need to be constantly changing.”

The need to be continuously evolving is a business necessity. The problem is most organizations are simply not set up for continuous change. Continuous change does not mean bombarding your employees with one change after another. This approach has led to a growing and costly problem—change fatigue. Read More…

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