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Prepare Your Middle Managers to Lead and Manage Change

Prepared Middle Managers Essential To Prevent “Resistance to Change”

It doesn’t seem to matter the type of organization the stories are similar. Managers express feeling uninformed and unprepared for the multiple organizational changes they are expected to lead, manage, or at least support. They describe their executive leaders’ becoming defensive if they ask too many questions about the decision. Some describe receiving a curt “just get it done” when they ask for more information. Many talk about being called resistant when they express their concern about the timing or implementation of the change.

Informed, prepared, and actively involved mid-level leaders are critical success factors in every organizational change effort.

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Employee Program

Increasing Personal Readiness for Change

Beginning June 15, 2017.

To stay competitive and relevant your organization must respond and adapt. And that means change. But if you’re not the person making the decisions all that change can feel overwhelming.   Read More…

People having conversation while sitting outside on steps

Less Communication, and More Conversation to Facilitate Organizational Change

Conversation Leads to More Sustainable Change

The evidence is clear. It’s not whether you communicate during change that determines your organization’s success.  It’s how you communicate.

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