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Take A Break From Change For Better Results

I just returned from a short break. The habit of taking a break in March began while my daughter was in school. Her school, like many in the country, closed for a week each March. I viewed these breaks as a chance to reconnect with her. Because we did things outside our normal routine we gained a fresh perspective.

It’s similar with organizational change.

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People having conversation while sitting outside on steps

Less Communication, and More Conversation to Facilitate Organizational Change

Conversation Leads to More Sustainable Change

The evidence is clear. It’s not whether you communicate during change that determines your organization’s success.  It’s how you communicate.

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Executive Change Leader Course

Stop feeling like you’re going into battle every time your organization needs to make a change.

Next Course begins April 24th, 2017

Take your executive leadership to the next level with the Executive Change Leader Course (online).

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