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Who Benefits from Change Management?

Is it the employer or the employee?

Is change management on the side of the employer or the side of the employee? That was the question an employee asked when attending my training course. My short answer was, yes.


Change Management Benefits the Employer and the Employee

It was an interesting question. Having seen many poorly implemented organizational changes I could see why this employee was thinking, change management is just another way for management to push unwanted change through the organization. However, when skilled change leaders facilitate organizational change, the employees, leaders, managers, and employer benefits.

As a leader or employer some of your change management benefits include:

  • 164114501_120 who benefits blog and fall newsletterIncreased employee engagement
  • Increased sustainability of the changes you implement
  • Increased return on your change investment

As an employee, some of your change management benefits include:

  • Increased involvement in the implementation of the change
  • Increased time to prepare for the change
  • Reduced stress and a greater sense of control

Whether your organization achieves these benefits depends on your leaders. It’s not enough for leaders to simply move through the steps of a change management methodology, or delegate change management to a few select people in the organization. For your organization to reap the benefits of change management every leader needs to:

Helping you launch, lead and live change more successfully.

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

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