Stop Fighting With Change and Create a Change Ready Organization

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You know to stay relevant, competitive, and stable your organization must evolve (change). You also know change is hard.

Do you feel like you are going into battle every time your organization needs to do something different? If so, you are not alone. We here from executives just like you about changes that don’t deliver results and the frustration of employees they believe are resistant to change.

Your organization’s ability to change directly impacts its ability to compete and respond to customer, market, and environmental demands.

It’s possible to enable change that makes your organization healthier and stronger. Change doesn’t need to lead to low employee morale and disengagement or decrease productivity. You can move change from a liability to an asset.

The Executive Change Leader Course helps you create a change-ready organization.

We heard the challenges executive leaders face every day. Then we looked at the research, combined that with over 20 years of experience and created the Executive Change Leader Course. We created this course to help your organization use change to become healthier, stronger, and more productive. To help you enable employees who embrace the need for change and work with you to move the organization forward.

The buck stops with you, the leader. The actions you take will either set up your change for success or doom it to failure. Your action and inaction set the tone for your employees’ response.

In today’s business climate every leader needs to know how to lead and manage organizational change. It’s not enough to be able to implement one or two changes. Today your organization needs executive leaders that know how to create an environment that:

    • gets the intended value from current change initiatives
    • creates the kind of environment that will support healthy continuous change
    • sets you up to succeed with the next change your organization will need to make
    • increases your employees’ willingness and ability to adopt the changes needed.

This course is based on the best-selling book, “Launch Lead Live: The executive’s guide to preventing resistance and succeeding with organizational change.


The program also includes a copy of Launch Lead Live: The Executive’s Guide to Preventing Resistance and Succeeding with Change, and a copy of the Launch Lead Live Participant workbook.

Make this the year your organization stops spending money on changes that don’t get the results you need. Start getting a greater return on the time and money spent.

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