Here’s the thing about change, it’s always happening. But if the foundation isn’t laid for the change, it won’t be successful.

That’s why we created TalkingTransition

What is TalkingTransition?

TalkingTransition is a member’s only space for people interested in creating healthy organizational change.

We designed it for leaders.

Leaders who want to use change to build a stronger, more productive organization.

Leaders who want to enhance their skill to lead and manage change. Leaders, who want to stop the cycle of resistance, and change fatigue so their organization can use change to increase performance.

TalkingTransition is for leaders who just need a little help to discover new leadership tools and techniques but don’t want to engage a consultant.

It’s for leaders who want to engage with other leaders about organizational development, leadership, and change.

The space was designed to help leaders at all levels of the organization create a better relationship with change.

Change doesn’t have to be a barrier to your success. In fact it is change that enables you and your organization to change. Our goal is to help you thrive because of change, instead of simply survive in spite of it.


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Change Leader

Here are the benefits with your Change Leadership membership:

  • Everything included in the Change Agent membership PLUS
  • Bi-weekly videos on current leadership and organizational change topics
  • Tools and templates to help guide current and future changes in your organization
  • 20% off all course offering and events hosted by Turner Change Management
  • Monthly live webinars and Q&A sessions with Dr. Turner and other experts in the field of organizational change, leadership and performance
  • Interviews with other change innovators
  • Special reserved spots in all Turner Change Management Courses. (They’ll always be a spot available for you!) *Some exceptions may apply.

Choose Your Plan:

Change Leader - $40 Monthly

Change Leader - $288 Yearly (equal to $24 per month)

Change Agent

With the Change Agent Membership, you will receive:

  • First access to all of Dr. Turner’s blogs
  • Member of our community
  • Access to protected content
  • Subscription to TalkTransition e-zine (four times/year)

Change Sponsor

Here are the benefits with your Change Sponsor Membership:

  • Every benefit in the Change Agent and Change Leader Program PLUS
  • A copy of Dr. Turner’s Book
  • 2 personalized one on one coaching sessions (A $700 value)

Become a Change Sponsor - $1008 Yearly (equal to $84 per month)

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