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Become a more competitive law firm

Stop treading water

Law firms are currently undergoing radical change. First the shift to virtual and now to a hybrid environment. There is a new era of young lawyers joining the firm, and new technologies within and outside of the firms. All this raises the risk of change fatigue and that your firm will be left behind.

Become a change-ready law firm and make change a competitive advantage.

You should feel secure as you create a change-ready law firm

Discover what's needed to respond to today's complex and fast paced changes and still be a great firm:


How to keep control of your billable time while dealing with rapid change.


How to create a law firm that will be there long after you've retired and moved on.


How to manage performance while dealing with the stress of change.

You can have a law firm that thrives during change. Change doesn't need to bring your lawyers, partners, and staff to a stand still.

It also doesn't have to feel like a battle. Discover how to tap into the human potential for change.

What Does the Course Look Like?

We get it, you're busy and your billable time is important to you. That's why we created a practical hands-on program that can be consumed 90 minutes at a time.

Module 1: Releasing the brain's braking system for change

  • Why you're law firm will fail if it's not change-ready
  • How to navigate the emotions and create a rational response
  • Why resistance to change isn't real

Module 2: Leverage the power of change to build success

  • The Law of Change, why it must be followed
  • How to create an outcome story that will enable adoption.
  • The secret to getting your firm to buy in AND commit to the change

Module 3: The power of negotiation

  • Two communication pitfalls to avoid
  • Creating your plan to success
  • What to do when people stop following through

Module 4: Getting your ROI

  • How to assess and monitor progress
  • Make changing the easy choice for your firm
  • What to do when your change initiative ends up going sideways

What you get for your investment.


In addition to the 4 live classes you'll also get a change management toolkit to help you implement your learning in your firm. Plus you'll have access to Dr. Turner during the course to ask her questions.


Taking what you've learned back to your organization can be tough. Dr. Turner will lead you and key members in roundtables to help implement and integrate your learning.


We don't want to abandon you! Upon course completion you engage with Dr. Turner for confidential 1:1 coaching sessions!

About Dr. Turner

The President of Turner Change Management. Dr. Turner's goal is to help organization's thrive because of change. She believes you can prevent resistance when you tap into all humans' natural ability for change. She provides a practical based approach using the latest in neuro-science and the brain to help leaders navigate the complexities of change.

Change management is more than the "people side of change." It is a holistic systems based approach that must take into account the unqiueness of each individual and organization or firm.

Performance, Productivity and Possibility

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