Executive Change Leader Online Course

Building a Change-Ready Organization: How to Take Change from a Liability to an Asset  

Does this sound familiar?

You got buy-in for the change, but now people aren't following through and they're making excuses about why the change won't work. You created a strategic plan, but managers tell you they don't have time to implement the changes needed to reach your goals. Your employees are complaining there is too much change, yet you are concerned your organization is not doing enough. After spending thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars on new technology and training, people are complaining and falling back on the old ways of doing things.  

You wonder, why people are so resistant to change?  

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be this way. Our seven-session online course, Executive Change Leader, is designed to give you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to create an organization that is change-ready. Led by Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, you’ll discover how to prevent resistance to change, increase employee engagement, and increase your organization's capacity for change.  

Classes are held every Monday at 2:00 p.m. (CT) live from our virtual classroom. Registration is now closed. Join the waitlist to find out when the next course will be held and for special early registration offers. 

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What You Will Get: 

  • An understanding of why organizational change fails and what you can do to have more success  
  • Tools, techniques and practical strategies for preventing or eliminating resistance to change  
  • New communication tools and methods that help build commitment and increase readiness 
  • Insight into how the human brain responds to change, why it matters, and how you can create greater acceptance of change  
  • One copy of Dr. Turner's book Launch, Lead, Live: The executive's guide to preventing resistance and succeeding with organizational change  

Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner, president of Turner Change Management, is an educator, speaker, coach, certified management consultant (CMC) and author of Launch Lead Live: The executive’s guide to preventing resistance and succeeding with organizational change. With 20 years of experience in change programming, transition planning and organizational change consulting, Dr. Turner shows leaders how they can prevent resistance and make better use of the time and resources they invest in change. She focuses on the perspective of the people who need to adopt the change and helps her clients turn change from a liability to an asset. 

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Course Overview

Launching Change to Prevent Resistance -- Class One Discover why understanding and leading in both dimensions of change sets you up for success. Using the Whitespace Assessment, you will be able to recognize potential risks earlier. 

Launching Change to Prevent Resistance -- Class Two  

Learn the #1 strategy for reducing change fatigue and find out why ignoring the "Law of Change" can be fatal to your change efforts. 

Leading Change To Build Readiness -- Class Three

Stop trying to manage resistance to change. Discover why managing resistance can sabotage your success. Using the Continuum of Change, learn how to recognize readiness and understand the actions needed to prevent or eliminate resistance to change. 

Leading Change to Build Readiness -- Class Four

Take a deep dive into what makes a successful change leader. Discover your most powerful communication tool and how to use it to increase your success with change. 

Living Change For Sustainability -- Class Five

Whether it's landing a 747 or sustaining change, approach matters. Find out why your approach to change matters and learn differentiate between approach and methodology. Understand how your approach can prevent resistance to change. Our 3 1/2-step change-planning model will help you uncover the key elements needed to create a flexible plan that builds employee capacity for change. 

Living Change for Sustainability -- Class Six

Change that sticks is what gives you a return on investment. We will discuss what it means to monitor throughout the transition, and you wil learn how to develop and use transition outcome indicators to identify progress and assess the stickiness of the new behaviours and activities. You will also find out why moving away from implementation of change to integration is critical to your change success. You come away with a tool to assess whether change has been successfully integrated. 

Do You Trust Me? -- Class Seven 

Understand the nature and role of trust in organizational change. Explore the types of trust and why they matter when it comes to change. Learn how trust affects employee response to change, then discover the one action every leader must take to build and maintain trust during change. 

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