7 Reasons to Use a Change Map

The Organizational Change Map

When you have multiple changes underway, it is easy to lose sight of how they connect – or conflict. It can be hard to see their combined impact on your organization and its people. A change map is a simple and effective technique that will give you a clear picture of how all of your current and planned organizational change initiatives relate to each other. It can also help you understand the impact change is having on your organization. Your change map can be one component of your overall change architecture or used on its own. Regardless, if your organization has three or more change initiatives occurring simultaneously, you need a change map.

Seven reasons to use an organizational change map

1. Enables you to have a visually identify high impact or hot spots and address potential conflicts between change initiatives

2. Provides an assessment of your organization’s capacity to take on additional changes

3. Identifies opportunities to use existing operational activities to meet the intended outcomes of change initiatives

4. Helps you leverage every change opportunity and link objectives across projects

5. Ensures people and other resources are managed appropriately to limit potential for change fatigue

6. Creates linkages between change initiatives, strategic and operational goal

7. Enables better decision making regarding organizational changes for a better return on your strategic planning investment


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