Readiness is the Most Powerful Predictor of Organizational Success

Do you know if your employees are ready for the changes your organization needs to make?

To ensure your organizational change can be sustained you need to answer two questions:

  1. What is my employees’ level of readiness now for the change we want to initiate?
  2. What will be required to raise their level of readiness to ensure this change is sustainable?

The Level of Readiness Assessment© answers these questions. It gives you concrete information about how ready – and willing — employees are to learn and adopt the new behaviours, attitudes, and activities needed for a specific change.

Real results

Anecdotal readiness assessments only give you insight into your employees’ general mood about the proposed change. Our Level-of-Readiness Assessment gives you quantitative results about your employees’ readiness for change.

Results you can use to reduce the risks of launching your change and ensuring your project’s success.
The Level of Readiness Assessment© is grounded in decades of research into human and organizational behaviour.

The Level-of-Readiness Assessment© (LORA) tells you:

  • Your organization’s readiness score and the readiness scores of specified sub-groups
  • Employees placement on the Continuum of Change
  • How quickly your employees are likely to adopt the new behaviours, and activities
  • How the scores will impact your change initiatives’ success
  • What’s needed to increase readiness and prevent resistance to change

When is the best time to conduct a readiness assessment?

  • Are you launching a new change initiative?
  • Are current change initiatives appear to be stalling or off track?
  • Have you implemented a change but it’s not delivering the intended results?
  • Are you experiencing more backlash than expected with a change you are currently implementing?
  • Does your organization have a history of changes that don’t stick?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Level of Readiness Assessment is right for your organization.

Level of Readiness Assessment
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