How many changes are currently ongoing in your organization? One? Two? More?

When you have multiple changes underway, it is easy to lose sight of how they connect – or conflict. It can be hard to see their combined impact on your organization and its people.

The result is an increased risk of change fatigue. Change fatigue = failed change. Your return on investment is lost, and your risk for future changes is increased.

Creating a change map will help you prevent change fatigue.

change map is a blueprint for your organizational change initiatives. This simple but powerful technique gives you a clear picture of your current and planned organizational change initiatives.

A change map lets you see at a glance how one change relates or conflicts with another. It lets you focus on the high value, high return changes your organization needs to make. You launch less change, but get more real change in your organization.

A change map lets you:

  • Visually identify high impact areas
  • Assess the organization’s capacity to take on additional changes
  • Identify opportunities to use existing operational activities to meet the intended outcomes of the change initiatives
  • Make the most of the opportunities to link objectives across projects
  • Address potential conflicts between project objectives
  • Use your time, money, and your people on the changes that will make the biggest difference to your organization’s growth and performance
  • Build change resilience

You need a change map if:

  • you have three or more changes occurring simultaneously
  • want to reduce the number of changes in your organization, but get more real results
  • your employees are slow to engage with change
  • you are implementing a large transformation with multiple layers of change
  • you have changes that cross inter-departmental boundaries

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