Living and Leading Change: Change Leader's Certificate Course

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Change is not slowing down. To stay relevant your organization needs people who have the knowledge and skill to lead and manage change. At our 3 day certification in change management you will discover what's needed to enable change without resistance. We will show you how to tap into the human potential for change and prevent resistance. You will also gain science-based tools to guide your change management efforts.

This 3 day virtual course will help you become a confident and skilled change leader.

Here’s What We'll Teach You

How to announce change

First impressions matter. How you introduce change lays the foundation for its success or failure. Whether you're implementing new technology, transitioning leaders, or launching a merger. You will discover what's needed to gain buy-in, prevent resistance, and set your change initiative up for success.

Why despite training those new activities don't stick

Dr. Turner will teach you the number one reason training doesn't lead to adoption and what to do about it. She will share with you how to design training to ensure those new activities and behaviours stick and you get a return on your investment.

Creating a Change Story

Want your change to stick? Then you need to tell the story of the change. Dr. Turner will share with you how to do just that.

Managing Multiple Changes

In a perfect world, change initiatives would happen one at a time, but in reality that's rarely the case. Over the 3 days Dr. Turner will show you how to use your learning when there's more than one change going on.

Applied Learning

Change management is easy to get right in the classroom. It becomes more challenging once we move back into our day to day activities. That's why Dr. Turner will help you apply your learning to a current or upcoming change initiative. She'll help you create your framework so you can return to work ready to succeed.

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Words of praise from past graduates


Just spend the last 3 days with Dawn Marie immersing myself in living and leading change. I highly recommend the program for anyone whether you are new to leading change or an experienced leader, you will get something from her refreshing views and outlook. I can’t wait to apply my new knowledge to leading change within Extendicare and help people live better.!

Ron Parent
Regional Director


I really appreciated the clear, logical and empathetic approach to the training course. The training strung together previously disparate concepts and allowed me to better leverage them as a process or separately as new tools. Thanks Dr. Dawn-Marie!

Claire Skillen

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Who's this course for?

This virtual class is designed for mid to high level managers and supervisors within an organization who are responsible for leading teams or departments through change. This course is also for people looking to practice change management consultants. We'll set you up with a solid foundation so you can help lead organizations through their changes.

What's the time commitment?

The course runs over 3 days. It also has a 90 minute orientation the day before and a one hour live follow-up period with Dr. Turner. This follow-up period is designed for you to bring back any questions you have about taking what you've learned back into the workforce.

Can you guarantee that I will become an expert?

We'd love to say you'll be an expert in change management after this one course. But that's not possible. What we can tell you is that you'll be well on your way. You'll have the knowledge and skills to confidently continue you're learning. Becoming an expert takes time. But this course sets you along the path. It also qualifies you for 21 hours towards your Certified Change Management Professional designation.

Am I on my own after?

NO! Dr. Turner will continue to follow-up with you for about a year after you've finished the course. `You'll also have the opportunity to engage in private 1:1 coaching with Dr. Turner where she will work with you to enhance and grow you're learning.

About Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner is creator of the "Living and Leading Change: Change Leader's Certificate Course" She is President of Turner Change Management and has over 20 years of experience in organizational change.

She created this course because leaders have to both live and lead change. She wanted to give them practical science-based knowledge and skills that would help them navigate the complexities of change.

Become a better change leader.