Launch Lead Live: The executive's guide to preventing resistance & succeeding with organizational change

By Dr. Dawn-Marie Turner

Is your organization struggling under the weight and expense of what feels like overwhelming but necessary change?

Launch Lead Live helps executives create a healthier, stronger organization because of change, not in spite of it. Let me show you how you can make change your biggest asset. 

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Launch Lead Live has everything you need to succed with change. Whether your change is big -welcoming in a new CEO- or small -changing the parking structure. Or anything in between.


  • How you can use change to increase your company's competitive advantage
  • How to ensure successful change in one departmen doesn't negatively impact another department
  • What every executive needs to be a successful change leader
  • Why email may be harming your changes
  • Why change is your biggest risk, and how to reduce the risk
  • How to not manage resistance and increase your success

“The value of this book for training and teaching cannot be overstated... This book will be valuable to many organizational leaders, including small-business owners and non-profit directors.

Leslie Vermeer- SaksBooks Reviews

A Book For All Leaders

Launch Lead Live was developed for all executive leaders. With tools, skills, and knowledge to help you lead every change you launch successfully



A Book Based On Facts

After watching leader's struggle with change. Dr. Turner wanted to write a book based on facts to make sure leaders saw more success. With her 20 years of experience with organizational change Dr. Turner brings you the best skills, tools, and knowledge to lead successful change every time. 

By focusing on the perspective of the people who need to adopt the change, Dr. Turner shows leaders how they can prevent resistance and make better use of the time and resources they invested in change. 

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Why put off having all of your change initiatives be successful? You can buy Launch Lead Live: and learn how to prevent resistance to change, combat change fatigue, and launch your change initiatives with success.


if you buy now.

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